Education is providing general information that will increase public awareness of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and sex trafficking. The key difference between education and training is the target audience. Training is for professionals, while education is for the general public.

Some of the types of education events/activities that we provide are:

  • Presentations/Resources to students/youth on topics related to dating violence, healthy relationships, and other related topics.
  • Presentations/Resources given to the general public on the basic information of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, or sex trafficking.
  • Presentations/Resources given to tribal leaders and other legislators to inform them about: violence within Indian Country, lack of resources within Indian Country, community impacts of violence within Indian Country, etc.
  • Presentations/Resources given to populations that generally do not work in the field, but may encounter a survivor within their work. Examples could be: medical professionals, dental professionals, clergy, etc.