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The newsletter serves to update Tribes on Tribal, State, and Federal policy/legislation, current events, funding opportunities, training opportunities, and other general UTFAV updates.

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Awareness Campaign Resources and Products

For educational purposes, each awareness month [January (Stalking), February (Teen Dating Violence) April (Sexual Assault) and October (Domestic Violence)], UTFAV sends informational resources (including but not limited to: posters, fliers, brochures, awareness items, etc.) to the Tribal Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault programs to share throughout their community.  Tribes can also request UTFAV to attend community awareness events to promote each awareness month!

February – Domestic Violence Awareness Month

April-Sexual Assault Awareness Month

January-Stalking Awareness Month


Culture Care Kits

Culture Care Kits were developed to provide each Tribal advocacy program with kits to share with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault who may be seeking traditional healing.  Each care kit had the following items: the four traditional medicines (sweetgrass, cedar, tobacco, and sage), a small abalone shell, and a brochure. The brochure had information about the sacred medicines and the practice of smudging.  Also on the brochure was information specific to each Tribal community’s traditional healing department/cultural department/victim services department.

Download Smudging Brochure here.

Educational Handouts and Posters